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Elastic Stretch plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro is a set of eight transitions with different directions, each of which allows you to add dynamic and strong accents to a video. With this plug-in, your video will become even more interesting!

Elastic Transitions linearly stretch the frame along one of the axes at the time of transition and pull it back to its normal state after scene change. This allows to achieve the feeling of speed and flow.

The plug-in is ideal for sports, advertising and presentation videos, scenes with high dynamics and emotional scenes. If you choose the direction of an effect that matches the movement of the camera, the transition will look the most harmonious.


  • Elastic Bottom
  • Elastic Bottom Left
  • Elastic Bottom Right
  • Elastic Left
  • Elastic Right
  • Elastic Top
  • Elastic Top Left
  • Elastic Top Right


8 Elastic Stretch Transitions

Windows, macOS
Premiere Pro
37.1 MB
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